Wednesday, 29 November 2017

After the Aliens - yoga

After reading: Alien Alert in Seattle

My hobby is doing Yoga.

It is the most interesting hobbies for me to doing Yoga in my life now. I have started Yoga since 2013. I had wanted to try doing Yoga for long time but I didn’t start as there was no attracted place. Several years later, I found the place to do Yoga. It was really excited to do Yoga and I was fascinated.

In addition, it is interesting not only poses but also Yoga’s history. I studied a history and think human would like to emancipate in any age. Yoga teach me a lot of things. Through Yoga, I learn it is important to live a moment. Especially, it is good when I’m very busy!! Now, my daughter causes my stress sometimes, so I try to doing Yoga as much as possible.

Recently, I would like to add a trampoline my hobby but I don’t do it. I want to bounce!

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