Thursday, 16 November 2017

Would you like to stay in Japanese garden house in Matsumoto?

It's walking distance from Nakamachi Street. It's spacious, with four Japanese-style rooms, a living room, a large garden, two bathrooms and a balcony. The garden has a pond, a river, a lot of "toro" - which are Japanese stone lanterns. For example, the "Yukimi Toro" was built near the pond, because Yukimi is in the fisherman's style - to get fish.

The neighbourhood is friendly and fun. We always join the festival of Fukashi Jinja (shrine). It's perfectly situated for galleries, museums, and the performing arts.

The house is ideal for a family. It's a no-smoking house and sorry, no pets,

("yuki' is snow - "Yukimi Toro" is snow view lantern)

Posted for Kaoru

NB Not actually for rent :)

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