Friday, 24 November 2017

Sightseeing and shopping in Ina


There is a famous cherry blossom park in Ina city. You can enjoy many beautiful pink-red cherry blossoms in Spring. During the season, there are lots of traffic jams…especially weekends and daytime. So, you should go to there at night or weekday. There are many limited-time-only food stands.You will be satisfied with the flowers and foods at the same time.

In autumn, the park is also famous for the beautiful colored leaves.You should visit there each season. 

Please enjoy the beautiful view!


Ina city is famous for Kanten(agar),Sake and Gohei-mocha. If you have no idea for souvenir, please remember these things. For example, you can take a tour of Kanten factory and Sake factory. These tours are very interesting and factories are so nice. So you will enjoy yourselves and get some special souvenirs there!

And...please don't forget to eat Gohei-mochi in the city! It's tasty!

Enjoy your stay in Ina!

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