Sunday, 26 November 2017

My city, Matsumoto's Information

Local customs
   There is no special dress code outside of worship places, but you should take off your shoes and hat inside of a temple or shrine. You should avoid wearing skirts and shorts which are too short. You shouldn't talk about good points of Nagano city if you talk with Matsumoto citizens, especially with the old people. It is because the relationship between Matumoto and Nagano cities had been bad for a long time. Now I think it is getting better. You don't need to tip anyone in Japan.

Food & drink
   The local tap water is drinkable and tastes good. Moreover there are many places where you can drink fresh spring water in Matsumoto. Because of the beautiful nature, water is clear and delicious here. You must try Japanese noodle, soba. It is one of the famous foods in Matsumoto. It is also good for your health. You must try Japanese alcohol, sake, too. Thanks to the clear water, local sake tastes really good. You should be careful with Japanese pickles, tsukemono. Some of them might be too salty for you.


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