Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Dinner with Ghost

If I can have dinner with a ghost, I would like to have it with my grand father who passed away eight years ago.  He was good at cooking.  I loved the simmered dish cooked by him.  He looked forward I got married while he was alive, but I got married two years ago and could not invite him to my wedding party.  If he knows that I got married and had a baby, he must be very glad.

Imaging I have dinner with him, we go to a super market to get foodstuff and cook hot pot together.  I would like to ask him how the life is in heaven.  I think he would say that people live in zero gravity and watch the world.  The things that they can do is very limited, but there are no wars and people live peacefully because they were polite to other people while they were alive.  He must advise me that I should care for other people and do everything that I would like to do as much as possible.  I will follow his advice to meet him again in heaven.

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