Thursday, 23 November 2017

Matsumoto city: Safety and Getting around


Basically, you don’t need to worry much about safety in the city. Matsumoto is a peaceful calm city. There are no homeless people, any vandalism and beggars. You don’t need to be careful too much even at night. You can walk around alone without worrying. 

Night time in this city is very quiet. It must be really rare but just in case you have an accident or some trouble, go to the police station which is located just besides of the Chitose bridge. 

Getting around.

Matsumoto is a not big city so you can reach most of the sightseeing places. Is it a just right size for walking around. For example, getting to the Matsumoto castle, one of the main sightseeing spots, takes about 15 minutes on foot from the JR Matsumoto station. 

However if you go around the city more actively, you can rent a bicycle. You may feel clean fresh air during the cycling and get the Agata no Mori which is consisting of quaint old-style school and park easily. The rental bicycles station is in front of the Clock Museum, Metoba riverside. It is free! Enjoy explore Matsumoto.


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