Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A holiday report in Canada

I have a friend who is staying to study English in Canada nowHer name is Michiko.I went to Canada to see her last November with my two friendsYuka and NaomiWe flew to Canada with Air Canada. 

We stayed for 6 days2 days of them in Vancouveranother 2 days in Banffand the other days in the planeWe stayed in two kinds of  hotels in Vancouverand BanffBoth hotels were on the main streetsThey were cheap and classicalbut very clean and nice. 

The first dayWe arrived at Vancouver in the afternoon. Then we walked around the downtown of VancouverWe took a lot of photos

At nightMichiko came to our hotel after working. She took us to  a very good restaurantWe had beer and wine with many kinds of fatty foodsThe second daywe walked around the cityand went shopping. We love shopping anytime anywayI bought some very beautiful pierced earrings made of silver and amber in a jewelry shopNaomi and Yuka bought very nice ringsWe often said “We sometime have to reward ourselves better don’t weWe had a good time

In the afternoonwe went for a walk to a small island called Granville IslandWe heard that it was near downtownbut it took over an hourWe got lost  in spite of having a map When we walked all over the same place,a man asked us “Can I help you The man taught us the way to Granville IslandAs he spoke slowly and kindly with our mapwe could understand him. When we arrived at Granville IslandIt was about 3o’clockThere were many kinds of shops such as clothesfoodsjewelrybeerAs each shop had a pretty exteriorthe whole of the island was like a toy town. 

We had lunchand enjoyed shoppingI bought a postcard for Jim.   

I gave myself a reward again. I bought a pair of pretty gloves. On our way from there to downtown, we got a public busWe were anxious to get the bus because maybe we couldn’t understand the information in English and arrive in an unknown placeBut we tried. As a result, we could arrive without problemsIt was a very good experience for us. That night , we saw Michiko againand went to a good Korean restaurant

The third daywe went to Vancouver airport to arrive at BanffAs we had checked in foreign domestic airlines for the first timewe were very tense

About an hour and a half laterwe landed at Calgary airport without incidentThen we went to Banff by busIt took us two hours from Calgary to BanffWe arrived at the hotel in Banff at noonthen went around the town of BanffIt was a beautiful  small townWe enjoyed taking photos and shoppingI bought some pretty pins for my family and friendsand another postcard for Jim

That nightwe went to a restaurant and had steaks, which were famous Alberta beefThey were very goodbut expensiveThen we got to the hotelWe enjoyed talking over a few  beersThe fourth daywe went to Lake Louise by busIt was the coldest day of the trip in Canadamaybe –15 or lower

We saw the Canadian Rocky Mountains from the busWe wanted to climbbut couldn’t climb because of too much snowWe saw some riverslakes and wild animals tooThey were very beautifulWe returned to the townthen we got a Gondola.We saw the mountains and whole town of Banff from the topAt nightwe went to a Thai restaurant for dinnerOn the last daywe got up early in the morningand prepared to return to our countryWe transferred at Vancouver airport, and went home

We had a great timeCanada had a very good view. Many people were very kindWe had a good time for studying EnglishWhen they understood my broken EnglishI was so gladWe had some problems we couldn’t see Michiko easily in Vancouver, because we were having a hard time getting through on the phoneWe lost the way in VancouverIt was so cold that we caught colds after getting home. 

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