Saturday, 26 April 2008

Local YLE examiners get Co-ordinated

Saturday saw old & experienced oral examiners join the recently trained, fresh-faced newbies for a morning of memory-jogging, mental refreshment and hands-on practice. The new training materials met with praise, as did having the chance to see more varied candidates and attempt to meet Cambridge's assessment criteria. We also had a look at examples of less than appropriate examiner behaviour & dress, which generated in an interesting debate.

Thank you Jeff & Theron for beating the traffic out of Nagano this morning (the Olympic Torch relay was in town on its much protested journey to Beijing - it actually led the news while we were waiting for Tana's toddlers class to arrive, and we had to laugh at all the local coppers running in their workclothes and shoes...sore feet tomorrow we were sure!), and to Rico & Shizue for making a grey rainy morning cheerful & fun.