Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Enough to make you cry

One of my favourite students quit suddenly this week. She has been with my school for years, only to be yanked out without being given the chance to say goodbye by an angry dad. Her older brother & sister also study at Luna, and have been teachers' favourites since their very first classes.

At Luna we try ever so hard to make sure friends stay together whenever possible, and that we avoid mixed-level classes. We know only too well the lack of free-time children have, especially once they start junior high school; scheduling becomes a massive jigsaw puzzle every April and often there are a few pieces missing. We are extremely lucky to have all of Yuki's experience at times like this, because we have to keep everybody happy AND find schedules that suit everybody.

Except this time, a dad we've never met (despite all the events we organise - parties, open weeks for parents, Bon Bon etc) suddenly calls out of the blue, and abuses Yuki to tears. Of course, students move on and develop other interests - that's part of growing up. But when a student has been making great progress, has lots of fun and has barely missed a class in 5 or more years...we know exactly how much the family is commited, and how much hard work the child has been doing. In turn, we 'ring fence' classes like this to make sure they continue, even when we're doing so at a loss. Some classes are just too good to let go. This was one such class.

I know this student will be missing her pals and her English class badly. I really miss her, and I have a really bad taste in my mouth as a result of her being punished just because we couldn't satisfy a parent's ego. We bend over backwards at Luna to accommodate - as I think 99.9% of our mums & dads appreciate. I am also sure nobody will think much of a person who makes our Yuki burst into tears.