Sunday, 6 April 2008

Working on Sunday - again!

I am very grateful to our dedicated band of Young Learners (YLE) Oral Examiners who gave up their precious time on Sunday to make sure they can continue to examine for us in the coming year.

The quality control aspects of Cambridge ESOL's exams makes sure that all candidates worldwide get the same, fair chance as any other. Our part in this delivery of quality is to train, and then "co-ordinate", examiners. Just because you do the training does not mean you can examine; we all have to prove annually that we can give the speaking tests properly, as well as assess to Cambridge's standards.

It is also a vital opportunity for me to meet the people who are doing the hard work on our behalf. Three years ago we 'inherited' this responsibility but had no idea who we were dealing with. Now, gradually, I am getting to know our examiners and can feel a lot more confident about our boast that YLE is the best exam around...our examiners really are very good, and very nice people to boot.

Some examiners travelled miles and miles to attend Co-ordination at King's Road school (thank you again Trevor!). From Nikko & Matsumoto to the north, Toyota to the west, Kamakura to the south, and Saitama to the east(ish). No matter how for you came, thank you. Now let's find some new schools to examine at?!