Thursday, 10 April 2008


I've been teaching this pair of clowns since New Year, and I have to admit we might not be learning at maximum speed...mostly because the girls invariably evaporate into gales of laughter. Doesn't seem to matter what we're trying to do (irregular past tenses, pronunciation of 'ed in past tense verbs, reading a reader) there will be something happen that is just too much to keep a straight face.

So I'm really enjoying the class, as you can see. School can be tiring & club activities overwhelmingly English needs to be a bit of fun as well as very useful. Miku & Maho brighten up my week every Thursday evening very nicely. Here you can see us trying to play whirl-a-vowel, matching long vowel sounds. Naturally, the 'hive' looked like something else: result = paralysing laughter! I can't remember who won the game, but my ribs hurt and an hour flew by. With a bit of luck, dipthongs 'went in' as well.

Thank you girls - look forward to seeing you every week!