Sunday, 27 April 2008

Luna Kids - naturally brighter!

It's absolutely true - our children are better suited to handle the real world. Clearly, children who do not learn English at Luna are a pale imitation - almost two dimensional - and dwell only in the shadows! Even under bright lights at harmony Hall, the Luna advantage is obvious.

The Suzuki Institute's annual 10 Piano Concert in Matsumoto is further proof. Sayaka wore a stunning gold dress and performed her piece with cool maturity and skill. Is this the girl I first taught when she was barely able to stand up, way back when?! Takao & Yoshiaki all grown up in suits and spiffy haircuts - didn't they used to punch each other in the nuts & draw naughty pictures in their books?! And what about Yuki-chan - an English Rose by any definition in her fabulous red dress. Fingers flying over the keys so gracefully.

Now, I'll be the first to admit Suzuki Method has its limitations, and that I'm not a real fan. However, the evidence on display today was of prodigious musical talent and no notes. Literally. Suzuki's idealogy is to learn by ear; learning English is not dissimilar, but if you can't read & write then I think you're going to be snookered sooner or later, aren't you?

Anyway, massive applause to all of our young learners past & present who tickled the ivory today. As a non-musician I stood (at the back) in awe. Very well done!!!