Sunday, 20 April 2008

SuperTots author - Aleda Krause

Yes, another Sunday when the Luna team
is busy learning and working!

The occasion today was a co-hosted event featuring one of Japan's best known authors & teacher-trainers, Aleda Krause. The focus of Aleda's three-hour workshop today was on teaching young learners and even younger learners.

As the author of the "SuperTots" and "SuperKids" series of children's books, Aleda has the materials to back up the theory - both of which she generously shared with an appreciative audience of teachers from far & near. She presented her ideas about developing children's learning from listening to speaking, and on the problems & possibilities of teaching pre-teens. All very useful for us then, with the age group of students we see everyday in Luna!

You can look forward to Tana, Jon & Jim adding some new classroom activities to their armoury as a result! Everyone is invited to attend our next event, on May 25th, by the way, when we host Potato Pals author Patrick Jackson and master reader Kevin Churchley...details to be announced soon. Thank you Aleda, for coming to our school today!