Friday, 10 October 2008

Happy Birthday Hijiri

We helped Hijiri and his mum, Yuki (our manager), celebrate his very first birthday today.

Hijiri looked really excited and was the centre of attention, as he got presents, cards, and a lovely cake with a little candle on it for him to blow out. To be honest, Hijiri is always the centre of attention when he comes to work with his mummy - we can usually hear him chirping away, pointing at things and generally trying to put the whole office in his mouth!

A year ago Maki was holding the fort for us, and we were struggling up a really steep hill with our first Cambridge exam sessions in Tokyo, handling entries and enquiries from all over the country, etc. We're doing that again now, but thank goodness we actually know what to expect & were able to prepare properly first.

Hijiri brightens up everyone's day at Luna; he's already on the
verge of walking by himself, so we'll have to be extra careful not to trip over him. We love seeing him here, and are delighted to eb interrupted by his singing & pointing!

Congratulations Yuki & Taka - you've got a lovely little boy on your hands - and happy birthday Hijiri....ONE already!

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