Monday, 27 October 2008


Inada >> All of us(include me), in every country of the world, must try to help and save the rainforests.

After Reading No.1: Here is an interview between Wangari Maathai and a reporter.

Reporter: What happened to the rainforests in Kenya? Wangari Maathai: Without the trees, we get less rain, and the weather gets hotter. Then life gets very difficult for the rainforest people.

Rep: And what changes has that made? WM: Once there were lots of rainforests, but now 90 per cent of them have gone.

Rep: So you decided to help them. What did you do? WM: I planted my first trees in 1977. That was the beginning of the Green Belt Movement.

Rep: What new things are you doing now? WM: Now I am starting some new coffee plantations. They use no chemicals, so they do not damage the forests.And tourists can come to spend their holidays with us, planting trees.

Rep: And how many has the movement planted now? WM: 30 million - and now other African countries have organizatiions like ours too.

Rep: Finally, you are a famous person now. What would you like to say to the people of the world? WM: I think that every body in the world must work to help the earth - every one of us.