Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The University Murders

I like a suspense story and this book was interesting for me, I could finish reading it without boring.

I strongly recommend you don't read my comments before your reading this book, because I have mentioned who is murderer in it. :-)

Q6: In Scotland, the punishment for murder is life imprisonment - which means at least fifteen years in prison. Do you think this is the right punishment?

Except in this case, I think the life imprisonment is too light for ****** *******. Because She has killed two university students to get their researches for herself. I can't find grounds for extenuating circumstances. In Japan, the punishment for murder is life imprisonment or death sentences. It's very difficult to say which is the right punishment, but I think we should judge the punishment in a comprehensive manner. e.g. background, reason, modus operandi and etc.


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jim said...


I took out the murderer`s name, just in case. Looks like an interesting whodunnit!