Saturday, 25 October 2008

G'day Matt

Today we welcome Matt to our ranks. I have known Matt for several years, and it's about time he joined Luna's teaching staff. I should thank Jon for reminding me.

Matt will be teaching most of our Saturday classes for us; we are hoping he'll be able to do so for a good while. Like Yuki & I, Matt also has a young child to look after. Unlike Jim, Matt can actually speak Japanese. However, Matt is an Aussie...

Matt has already met our Saturday roll-call of stars - here he is with Ayako and Mai-chan. Ayako is deaf, which is why she's covering her eye! (Actually, it was funny; these two are old-time buddies but studying independently. They wanted to gossip about their new teacher but couldn't - Matt & I were listening. What did they do? Bloody sign language!)

Saturday at Luna - looks good!