Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Double Cross

Hi, homework season has started again!!
First of all, I'd like to give you a kind of tips. As you know, audio CD is attached to the book, this time. So I tried listening to the CD while reading the book. I found that was very comfortable and very helpful for me to read the book faster. I'd recommend you do it.

[Q(2)] Think about Monika. What kind of clothes does she wear? What music and films does she like? Where does she go on holiday? What are her favourite foods?

I imagine she is slim and good figure woman. She usually wears suits with tight skirt and white shirt while working, and wears slim jeans and sweater or jacket in her private time.
She listens to classics to calm down her mind. Her favourite movie is adventure movies and, of course, spy movie like "James Bond" or "Mission impossible".
In her holiday, she goes shopping to buy a stylish clothes as well as most of women like, and has a break at tasteful cafe. She has a sweet tooth.

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jim said...

Hey Keigo,

That's really good advice - thank you for offering it! Once again you are first to post on the blogI hope your classmates and fellow bloggers will listen to your tips!

Hope you ejnoy the next book - look forward to reading about it.