Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Canterville Ghost

I read the book "The Canterville Ghost". There are three stories in this book.
I like first story "The Canterville Ghost". This story is sad and funny.

The Canterville Chase live a man ghost. He lives in the Canterville Chase for three hundred years. One day, the Otis family came to the Canterville Chase. This family had father, mother, three sons and a daughter. This family is American and they don't believe "ghost".
The ghost killed his wife and he was strarved his wife's broters three hundred years ago. He never eat anything and has not slept for three hundred years. He is very sad and poor ghost.
The ghost has frightened everyone who came to Canterville Chase. But the Otis family didn't frighten for him. Young twins brothers tease him.
I felt this ghost made some boob, but I have an attachment for him. So, finally, the Otid family's young daughter "Virginia" helped the ghost, I was relieved.
This story is "The ghost story", but it isn't horror story. I felt little sad and funny story.