Friday, 28 August 2009

Naomi's flying colours

Big congratulations to Naomi, who took the time to take her Cambridge ESOL PET exam in Tokyo back in June. It was a long way to go, but worked out very worthwhile as she passed first time!

We are are all very pleased for her, as she is also doing fab work with our pre-school children. Naomi's warm, gentle touch has helped all our very small ones get used to a new environment without mummy; they are becoming self-reliant to brush teeth, wash hands, and have lunch together - and lots of other little things that mark a child's very early development. As for the English the children are picking, I am staggered by the amount they are picking up and retaining.

As it is Naomi's birthday tomorrow, the children have been secretly practicing the Happy Birthday song - and we had a real reason to do it today as well, because Hina is two. A busy singing week for all! Congratulations Hinata today (hope you get lots of cool pressies!) and Naomi tomorrow.

xxx from all of us

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