Sunday, 2 August 2009

They came, and they danced!

It rained the whole day through and yet they still came! As the roads were closed around the city centre at 5pm, trolleys, kimonos and umbrellas appeared in place of the cars.

Our group was welcomely boosted this year with Eri's friends, and our pre-school gaggle of little ones and parents, braving the elements. As every year, Jim got a bear hug from a Yamaga gorilla, and we met lots of old friends and students along the way. Obviously the weather had dissuaded a lot of people from coming to watch, crowds along the route noticeably down, and the general mood a bot dampened.

Not our gang though, as you can see from all the photos on out Facebook group - if you have your own photos or videos to share with us, please do so. Tana didn't stop dancing all evening, so the Salsa is paying off! Eri assumed command with Yuki having to go home early. By the end of the evening we'd exhausted ourselves, as well as all the ale, and we said goodnight and thank you in the middle of eki-mai dori...for some the evening continued in a very nearby bar, until we eventually had to haul all the trash back to Jim's place.