Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hotel Casanove

Maria telephones her mother in Roccella,

Hi Mam, This is Maria. Are you fine? Yes I'm fine.
I have a good news! I work at Hotel Casanova now, you know?
Yes, that big hotel. Hotel Grand? I quieted such a old and seedy hotel.
By the way, Do you remember Dino? Dino Bracco. Yes,Yes that creepy mummy's boy.
He is the owner of the Hotel Casanova. Ha Ha, That's laugh.
But now he is a rich man. Why? Actually he married a rich woman and got the hotel.
Listen mam. I decide I steal him from that woman! OK,OK no problem. It's a piece of cake.
I 'm younger and cute than that old lady. Also he seems to be disgusted at her jealousy.
So, surely he will be crazy about me with a bit of kindness and miniskirts.
Wait with anticipation. We are going to be rich!