Thursday, 6 August 2009

Dirty Money

I read this book. I thought that this book was a nonfiction novel. Joe is an excellent journalist. It from is "There is a sense of justice", "It is patient", and "There is belief to answer person's help. " Moreover, I think that it was lucky because the person (Sandy and Ed) in surroundings of Joe is good person, too. Oppositely, Karl, Grady, and Ken are bad. After it had read a book to the end, I was refreshing. I think that this is near the real world. I thought that it was a nonfiction novel because there was an event that looked like the news of every day.


jim said...


As this book was realistic, which news story lately do you think it resembles most?


Toru said...

Dear Mr.Jim:

It's politician's issue of political donations etc.