Friday, 28 August 2009

Love Actually

My favorite scene was that Sam, Daniel’s son was kissed by Joanna at the airport. It was one of heartwarming scene. I like the scene that at the end of the Christmas concert, the curtain opened to show a painted Christmas scene, the Prime Minister and Natalie were found by all of the people at the school at the end of Chapter 8. It was very funny.

39 Which of these couples do you think have the best chance of staying together happily? Give reasons for your opinion.

I think Jamie and Aurelia have the best chance of staying together happily. Because I think Jamie is a good character and maybe Aurelia is, too. The first part of this book, Jamie was shocked by his fiancée and his brother. He didn't recognize that her fiancée and his brother were in love before Jamie and Katya's wedding. I think he is too good nature. After that, Jamie left for his farmhouse in France and met Aurelia. When Jamie's paper was flown by winds and they dived into a lake to get them, though Jamie said that she didn't need to get his papers. I think the event shows that Aurelia is good character. After diving Aurelia, Jamie did, too. He is also good character, I guess.

At first, they didn't understand each language because Jamie couldn't speak Portuguese and Aurelia couldn't speak English. But the last part of this book, Jamie learned Portuguese and Aurelia learned English. They have strong will to understand another word. So I believe it is not difficult to understand each other by their language difference.

I like Jamie's action that he went to Aurelia's house to meet her parents and made a marriage proposal. That scene was very funny.