Monday, 1 March 2010

Pearson Longman Kids Tour 2010

I strongly believe that it's important to keep learning, and to keep striving to be better. And so, being the good teacher that I am, I hauled myself down to Tokyo on Sunday to take part in this years' Pearson Longman Kids Tour.

I always find these things useful. The presentations are usually packed with good ideas to try out on my classes, there are always the latest books and aids on show, and of course it is always fun to meet representatives from the publishers and other teachers from all over the country. This year was no exception, and I came away with lots of new ideas for my classes, and having made some new friends.

The presentations I especially enjoyed were "Playful Learning - Theory and Practice" by Catherine Oki, "Where Do We Go From Here?" by Aleda Krause, and "Using Songs with Kids of All Ages" by Devon Thagard. I am putting links to their presentations, so please have a look.

That's all for now,

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