Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Korean school graduates

Today was the last class before graduation, which is a happy and a sad time for me as I have been fortunate enough to have taught these students for some time now, and have watched them grow and increase their English skills considerably since the time we started together.

This is a particularly spirited group, adventurous and full of fun. Before class I am always greeted with boisterous hello's from the boys and sweet hello's from the girls, along with a barrage of questions and other attempts to communicate.

Before the class started the teacher rounded us up and took a photo, and at the end of the class they presented me with this delightful little card. As you can see it is all in English! Very impressive!

And so, to the kids in this class I wish you all the best for the future, keep studying, stick to your dreams, and remember me from time to time!

Much love,

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jim said...


Another year and another graduating class :(

Every teacher feels the same about the students at the Korean school here, ever since we started teaching them about 13 years ago. Forever cheerful and engaging; wonder what they put in the kimchi?!

I recently met our first ever graduating class at a wedding. It was easy to recognise the old class dynamics had continued after school in what is now a mature group of workers, parents etc. It was great to see them & say hello again, and nice to be remembered.

I hope you will have that chance some time in the future. Let's go to the graduation next weekend?