Monday, 8 March 2010

ABC waiting time

I found my smart Monday evening girls amusing themselves cleverly - spelling their names and other words they 'know' on our large carpet mats. Good for them! I despair of how little advantage is taken of the resources we have available for children & parents in the school.
  • We used to leave a PC for free use - never touched.
  • We left our games out on a shelf - thrown around, bent out of shape & broken
  • BBC TV, Discovery Channel etc left on for free - volume muted
  • Streamed BBC & Virgin radio (as was) into the school - asked to turn it off
Erm. As a school I think we have to be an oasis of English, and any opportunity to get more exposure likely to be welcomed. I think. "Silly daddy", Eleanor likes to say.Maybe she's right.

Anyway, I was delighted to see my super polite and hard-working crew challenging each other to spell stuff, including new words from their Story Tree readers, set for homework last week. Who cares if they had to double-check?! Excellent application & lateral thinking.

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