Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dangerous Journey

There are four men in the rainforest. Their names are Leon, Manuel, Pedro, and Joe. Three of them are Brazilian. Joe is American. They speak Portuguese and English.
There are no villages in the forest. People do not live here. The men are living in tent for a few days. They have come from their base camp.
The base camp is fifty kilometres away. It has wooden houses. It does not have tents.
There are no roads leading back to the base. The ground is mud. It has rained already and it is going to rain again.
This time of year is called the rainy season. There is heavy rain every year at this time. The ground will get wetter. The tracks through the forest will turn to wet.
The journey back to base camp will be difficult and dangerous. The men will have to cross a wide stream.
Why are these men in the forest? They are looking for metals. There are rocks in the forest that contain metal. Joe and Pedro left the camp two days ago.
They drove away in the jeep. Now Leon and Manuel are waiting for them. When Joe and Pedro return, they will all go back to base.
They will go in the jeep.Leon wants to take down the tents. He wants to leave before the rain starts. But he cannot leave without the jeep. He is angry. Where is Joe? Why is Joe late?

posted by Seiji