Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories

I thought this book is horror story before I read this book. Now I think this book is a kind of humors story.
My favorite story is "THE CANTERVILLE GHOST". I love Americans who does reasonable thinking. They weren't afraid of the ghost, and opposed to the ghost with a modern tool. I was amusing their behavior, and sympathized with the ghost. Finally the ghost went to the heaven. I thought that it meant the end of the old age. I thought the ghost was the symbol of old age, and American's were symbol of new age.
The character who I liked best is Virginia. She was kind to the ghost and courageous. The ghost thanked her in the heaven, I wish.
By the way, I have read only one short story of Oscar Wilde. It was "The Happy Prince". I read it in English class when I was junior high school student. I thought it was very heart-warming story, but these stories have a lot of sarcasm, so I was surprised these stories wrote same writer.
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