Thursday, 25 March 2010

story on a plate

These delightful drawings were done by some of my Friday students. They were asked to read a book from our student lending library for homework. The task in class was to condense the story enough so that it would fit easily onto a plate in picture form. This in turn helped us when it came time to write a summary of the story. This is what you can see below.

The idea was taken from some project work we did from one of our class readers, an Oxford Dominoes graded reader called "Mulan" and harks back to an ancient Chinese tradition.

Incidentally the readers that we use in class are a fantastic tool to get things going in the classroom. The stories are interesting and the students love reading them! When I set this type of reading for homework it always gets done. The students learn more rapidly and the teacher is happy. The only problem is keeping up with the reading pace...