Saturday, 10 April 2010

Churrasco & Ciapirinhia in Kyoto

Oana had been promising a slap-up Brazilian meal for us this evening for months, and I for one was not going to let the opportunity of some very good local knowledge slip. Not disappointed! What a blow-out! Tabihodai (eat as much as you like) barbecue & 'Viking' ie salad & dessert smorgasbord. My first experience of Brazilian barbecue style, so let me explain; waiter brings along the world's longest skewer and slices off chunks of deliciously juicy meat (beef, pork, chicken, sausages) during your meal, topping up your plate. Slightly similar to middle-eastern kebab style I guess, but we a talking lumps of tender meat rather than delicate slices!

Washed down with a beer or two? Of course, but it was the Ciapirinhia that proved the ideal accompaniment. New tipple for me, and no disastrous side/after-effects so will be researching this one for our Ohanami next weekend! (You'll have to come along to find out more!)

I just have time to mention pudin. I realised that Brazilians must actually be from Yorkshire (and so much suddenly makes sense - the football, the beach volleyball, the same bon viveur outlook on life). "Pudin" loosely translated from Yorkshire/Brazilian = dessert. The chocolate mousse thing was divine!

In Kyoto - check out Estrela, in Sanjo (east side of Pontocho)
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