Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mai Osawa PhD (Linguistics)

I got an email tonight from one of our 'old' students who used to study with us in the Nagano days (now Noah Academy with Theron Muller). Owen Davies deserves a lot of credit for this success story - at least the early part.

Dr. Osawa used to be Mai-chan, when she came to Luna after school. Yes, she hated her school uniform, & generally loathed everything in life (especially boys)... except English (and Welsh). She did her homework, always spoke up and made very effort just to join in. Yes, JHS shy. Yes, JHS bad habits (katakana-go). Yes, wanted to escape home (how many English teachers do you know live 'at home'?!)

Last month Mai received her PhD from Tsukuba University in Linguistics. I stopped being able to answer her requests for help about three years ago - her questions were simply too hard for me. As far as I know, Mai is the first student from Luna to 'Go the Full Monty'. I am in awe of such an achievement, and am extremely proud; though I taught her only a few times she was 'one of the special ones' which teachers do tend to invest in.

Now Mai-chan finds herself on the other side of the desk, teaching this term. I hope that is an easy transition.

The 'kids' who made the previous "movie" are Mai's age when I first met her in Nagano...I wish we had the tools then that we can call into action very easily now. Here's hoping Mai-chan's success can inspire a generation of Luna Linguists!
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  1. What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations, Dr. Osawa!


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