Friday, 2 April 2010

Avatar - film review

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adven...Image by AntSizedMan via Flickr
Where was it filmed?
It was filmed in a studio in Hollywood, California.
How do I get there?
You can fly to Los Angeles.  
Was it based on a book?
No it wasn't.
When is it set?
In the future on another planet called Pandora
Who directed it? Who was in the cast?
Avatar was directed by James Cameron.
Did it win any Oscars?
It won three or four Oscars.
Where & when did you see Avatar?
I saw Avatar in Tokyo during the school holidays.
You said this film was better than Tottoro. Why?
It was better than Tottoro because it was extremely exciting.
How many points out of ten would you give Avatar?
I would give Avatar ten out of ten.
What was the soundtrack like?
The soundtrack was very loud.When it was a sad scene it was quiet.I want to buy the CD
Is there a happy ending?
Yes there is.Where the Na'vi's fought humans.first they were losing but in the end they won the fight and saved the planet.
Which character did you like best?
I liked the main character Jake Sully because he was very cool.
What was it like watching a 3D movie?
It is better and more exciting than normal movies because things come out of the screen. 

Thank you Toshiya.
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