Saturday, 24 April 2010

Voodoo Island

After reading: 1) Kee is a poor man who comes from Haiti. He is a houngan, and he knows all about spirits. He doesn't understand business, and he understands about people. Kee is a kind man, and he always listens to other people.

Conway is a rich man who comes from America. He is a businessman, and he know all about money. He doesn't understand voodoo, and he doesn't understand about people. Conway is not a kind man, and he never listens to other people.

Comments: At first, I thought that Conway would be cheated by Kee with voodoo in the story. In fact Conway was a good houngan. I don't know whether voodoo exists even now in Haiti or not. If it exists, I would like to experience boodoo.

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