Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Omega Files

In this book, there are three short stories. I write each story's impressions of the book.
Omega File 349 : In World War II era of Japan, I think that it is true story like this story. Medicine test should be always prohibited.
Omega File 451 : When I read this story, I remembered Monstor's photograph of Loch Ness in my childhood. it might be the army weapon of UK.
Omega File 522 : In Galapagos islands, I think there are some spaceships or creatures of outer space. (iguana !)

Question : What did you think about these stories ?
1.I felt sorry for Johnny when he was dead.
2.I didn't like it the men in grey didn't answer Howker's question.
3.I liked Omega File 522 best because it is adventure story.

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