Thursday, 1 April 2010

Star struck

You know, just once in a while, I find myself lost for words!

Yesterday evening was one of those occasions, when an all-time favourite ex-student stuck her head around the door of my classroom at NHK. We were in the middle of something, but the wheels fell of pretty quick with an impromptu interrogation!
  • When did she get back? 
  • What happened to the 'you beaut' job in Ginza? 
  • Still with the boyfriend? 
  • What are you doing now?
Takako could charm the birds out of the trees, and invariably does. She has been recruited to front up Matsumoto's city tourism office near the castle. Which genius did that? Needs saluting! Takako is an absolute gem, and having her represent this city is superb!

Ah. Sorry class - kind of lost my focus there for once.
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