Monday, 26 April 2010

Grace Darling

Longstone Lighthouse, Farne IslandsImage by Steve & Jemma Copley via Flickr

This story is the true story, but I don't think so. Because Darling and his daughter had a very strong responsibility and unbelievable energy for rescue.
You can find a lot of article about "Grace Darling" in the internet. There are over seventy thousand article at the internet! I think she was a famous heroine at England.
This is a image of the Longstone Lighthouse.

After Reading 2
Find and answers to this crossword in the story.

1. Grace watched the ship through a telescope.
4. The ship was going xxxxx, from Hull to Dundee.
6. The name of ship. Forfarshire
9. You row a boat with two of these. oars
12. Daniel Donovan's job. engineer
13. Land which is not an island. mainland
14. To move a boat with oars. row
15. The ship was wrecked in 1838.

2. The Darling family lived in this. lighthouse
3. Grace put in the big lantern. oil
5. Grace Darling was a famous heroine
7. Daniel Donovan called Grace Darling an 'Angel'.
8. A man who works on a ship. sailor
10. The floor on a ship. deck
11. Longstone Island was one of the Farne Islands.

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jim said...


I don't know if the story is very very famous, but certainly in that part of Scotland it is well known.

Did you enjoy it? Were you happy about the ending?

Missing class - you?! Jim