Friday, 3 June 2011

Manchester United's Paul Scholes has retired (not died!)

Paul Scholes

If they made a video of tackles he made, it'd be short and ugly with a sprinkling of red cards not red shirts.
This very Manc ginga has been hailed by peers no less than Zidane, Xavi, Henry et al as the best midfielder of this generation. I heard an interview today where no one argued with the suggestion that in his prime, he would have got into the current Barcelona side (the best team in the world.) Sam Allardyce was once asked if he could buy any played in the world (when manager at Blackburn), who would it be. Without hesitating he said Scholes.

So, sit up and pay attention for this one. Paul Scholes scores goals. Enjoy :)

Hopefully, now that he has started into his coaching career with the Man Utd youth? reserves? Whoever, the production line will continue to deliver homegrown talent at Old Trafford.