Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A postcard...from South Africa

Dear Jim et al.

Hello! Hello! to you all from Africa!

It's winter now so a very pleasant 22 degrees C. A perfect day for the beach!

Studying hard with exams just round the corner...

I hope you are all well?

Take care, and lots of love,  Tana x

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  1. Tana,

    It's great to hear from you. It's sweaty season now in Japan, and as you know we are nowhere near the beach, which I don't actually mind anymore. I would not like to see houses float past the office.

    Things are settling down at 'new' Luna; we have just about found everything now - still the odd box pops up with nice surprises in it though!

    Hope your exams went well? We just had LMS & UMS, which was hard work for Yukari first time around. All well, more or less.

    Lots of love to you from all of 'us'...your name still brings a smile to faces :)



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