Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Passive teacher, active learners

These lads have convinced themselves that playing a game on my computer is far more useful than using the book. Suits me - after we have used the book...they do so much more than they'd be prepared to if I was in front of them (rather than being the 'enabler' behind them).

Of course, well-planned teacher knows what they are going to do! Rather than just play a game, on Quizlet this week I added the challenge that they actually make the flashcards as well. I pre-uploaded the images I wanted, and had them type in the text (important to be tough on quality control ie spelling here!)

Job done, we published the set and then tried the various drills/mini-tests/games. Yesterday, two of my students did really well and blasted up to level 7 and nearly identical scores. Yuta gave up with cramp, after he notched 38,000 at level 12! His mates were very impressed, but had helped him with prompts (they felt less able to find the keys quickly enough on the keyboard, but could remember how to spell the words (short /u/ sounds).

Quizlet is great, and we can share it in Edmodo with each of our classes. Two of the best tools available for YLE classes/language schools.

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