Friday, 10 June 2011

Flim review - "Gaku"

A mountain rescue team operating at Alpe d'Hue...Image via WikipediaI went to see the movie "Gaku" last weekend. The movie is a large, very successful movie.

The movie is set in the Nagano Alps. The main characters are Sonpo and Kumi. Sonpo is a mountain climber and he loves the mountains. Kumi is a member of the mountain rescue team. This movie is about how important life is. Sanpo tells Kumi what you can't throw away in the mountain. One is garbage, and the other is your life. The sound track was just the right one for the scenes so it was exciting. The scenery was tremendously beautiful and the actors were great. It was a believable storyline.

I have no reservations about this movie and I really recommend it.

Toshiya K