Friday, 3 June 2011

My detached house

I live in a detached house. It's new, and big.

It has a big garden where I play with my dog. There is a fence around the garden to stop him running away. We have a new veranda with a roof so you don't get wet. I want to do a BBQ on the veranda.

We have two bedrooms upstairs. One is for the kids to sleep, and the other one is my parents' room. Our room is big and usually messy.

Downstairs we have a TV room and a study room, where my brothers and I do homework. There is a big living room with a big sofa, and it is next to a big kitchen. Our dog is always in the living room.We also have a garage that two cars can park in. We keep mum's bicycle and spare food there.

Our street is safe and not many cars go past. We can play football and catch ball in the road. Also a good thing about our street is that it is quiet. It is really near Luna, which is good! I sometimes see Jim outside.

As dictated to Jim by Tomoro

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