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Blue Hood - story from Ugetsu-monogatari

 Dracula is a famous European folk/horror story. Is there a similar kind of story from your culture? Compare and contrast it to the story you read.

We don’t have same story of the Dracula in Japanese culture, but I found similar story. It is one of the stories in Ugetsu-monogatari called Blue hood.
English: Buddhist monk Genshin (Japan) Русский...
English: Buddhist monk Genshin (Japan) Русский: Буддийский монах Гэнсин (Япония). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a Buddhist monk who is a person of virtue. One day, he visited a small village and heard that the people in the village were afraid of devil lived in the temple of the mountain. The devil was a virtues Buddhist monk before, but he changed because of his servant who was very beautiful boy. The servant got ill and died soon after he lived with the monk. The monk refused to let go of the boy’s body and got crazy, then ate his body finally.

After changed to devil, he went down to the village and dug up the graves. A Buddhist monk was trying to get him stop dug the graves. He visited the temple and stayed there one night. The devil was trying to eat him but couldn’t because of his power was strong. Finally, he was dead while chanting a Buddhist sutra which gave from the Buddhist monk.

I thought the devil didn’t drink someone’s blood, but some points were similar as the story of Dracula such like dug the graves.

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