Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Teacher looks up sleeve & finds trusted old chestnut!

"Janken" race (rock/scissors/paper)
 It has been a few months since I taught my slightly noisy & easily distracted crew on Tuesdays! We never have a problem together, as I simply refuse to let them have the 'independent' time they invariably spend nattering away in L1 with each other - suggesting they are either bored or not working hard enough..."finished yet?" or a cough & a glare usually does the trick for me!

To burn off some New Year energy & have a chance to discard coats we needed warming up; asking a partner "How many ....s?" & being unable to move until they answer with a full phrase = motivation aplenty to get steamed up & jumping around (then afer we can calm down & do some book work!). Teacher sits back and lets peer pressure ramp up the speed limit!

At Luna we don't usually push classes in with each other, but a little bit of a necessity this week. Can't really use text books as that would be too hard or too easy, but with a bigger group an ample chance to do something completely different (but review & recycle something not different at all!). Break out the teacher's favourite old photocopiable resource (which I bought just after I did my CELTA - my trusty Jill Hadfield communication games) and relax in the firm knowledge that this exercise works just fine without much need for complicated explanations or theatrics. As with the younger kids, tonight's teens were keen to fill in their 'road map of London' with impersonal info (not too interested in talking to each other 'for real' - various reasons, age/gender/school difference among them). Oh, we finished early...let's use the other side and find out about each other after all then!

What's your favourite old chestnut of an activity, up your sleeve for a rainy evening in January?