Monday, 13 January 2014

Canterville Ghost: spooky after reading!

Write about the spookiest place you have ever been to, or the spookiest experience in your life?

This is the story when I went for a drink with my friends last Bon vacation. I went to the bar by train that day because the bar is far from my house. But after drinking with my friends, I missed the last train of the day because I wanted to drink with my friend later. So I came home by taxi after drinking. Since I wanted to save money, I got off at the earlier station than the one near my house. And I walked from there to my house.

But the way was very dark and lonely without houses and car running. On the way, suddenly I was surrounded by the noisy lap sound that we could hear like someone beat the guardrail. Of course, there should not be anyone exactly. I wondered if animals like a bird beat the guardrail. (even if birds, too big noise) Then, I stopped and shouted with loud voice regardless of midnight, and the lap sound stopped.
I got relieved and started to walk again. At just that time, I could see a bunch of flowers offered for someone near my foot. I found what it means and got scare and sober. I ran away at once.

This is my spookiest experience. This might be just accident, but the timing I could hear lap sound and found a bunch of flowers was too good. I was very surprised at this experience.

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