Tuesday, 14 January 2014

After reading The Canterville Ghost - cultural comparisons Americans & Japanese

 The Americans in this story are very different to the British. 
How are Americans different to people from your country?

I think there are many difference between Japanese and Americans. For example looks, culture and religion…etc.

I think Americans are franker than Japanese. Many Japanese don’t good at saying their true feeling to others, I think. In Japan, sometimes it is better hiding the true. We have the custom to talk modest. So we are not used to saying true feeling. But this may confused other country people.

I think Japanese are shyer than Americans. In Japan, people don’t talk to next man/woman when they are in the plane or train. But sometimes Americans are talk to next man/woman who haven’t meet before. When I took a train before, the next man who is from America talked to me. And we talked from Matsumoto to Nagoya in English. I couldn’t speak English well, but he had a dictionary, so we used dictionary and talked. It was fun.

I think Americans have more interesting idea for an entertainment. Maybe Japanese think whether it will be dangerous, first. But Americans do the first. Snowboarding, American football… I think many race of people live in America so many culture mixed and new entertainments and sports were appeared.

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