Monday, 20 January 2014

The Jungle Book: after reading - a movie pitch

Which is your favourite character in The Jungle Book? 

Imagine YOU are the character, and write an email to Hollywood and explain why the next movie should be about you (and not Mowgli)!

My favorite character in The Jungle Book is Bagheera – Black Panther. He is very strict about the rules. He got angry at Mowgli’s selfish behavior, but he cared about Mowgli very much. When Mowgli was taken away by the monkeys, Bagheera ran quickly to the crowds of monkeys and started hitting, right and left, as hard as he could. I like him since he has not only strictness but also kindness.

I am writing this e-mail to Hollywood since Baloo – brown bear and I are proper to be main character for the next movie. We are in a position to teach Mowgli about the jungle in Wolf-Pack although we are bear and panther respectively. In the movie, we would like Hollywood to cover the background that we attend the wolf-meetings and have the right to say our opinion there. We also would like Hollywood to cover the future of Mowgli from the point of view of us. We still need to teach him about the jungle and see how he grows up there. We are very interested in his growth as a member of Wolf-Pack in the jungle.

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