Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tales from Longpuddle - new addition! After reading...

Write about a peaceful long journey you made? 
Where were you going, and who with? Why were you travelling, and how did you feel about arriving? 

I went to travel around the world with my husband. We have a lot in common. We are open mind and love free. Since we've married, we were planning to travel around the world to see various things, share each feelings so that we can understand both of us. We started traveling from Japan and final destination is United Kingdom. We bought cheap air ticket and stayed backpacker's hotel to save money. During the traveling, we met a lot of people. We talked them and became friends. We love drinking, so we communicate with people in drinking.

I really want go India because I like doing yoga. I want stay there to practice. My husband was not much like India, but he went together me. In the beginning he wasn't so enthusiastic, however he liked India finally because he liked indian curry. We went Egypt, Spain, Africa, Italia.

At last, we arrived UK!! We excited to stay there. We liked British music, culture, fashion. We could feel British mood. We didn't want go back to Japan. When we were in airplane, we decided to live UK after few years.

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