Saturday, 29 November 2014

Musical postcard - as imagined & illustrated by Kanro.

Dear Jim,

I'm in China!

I've visited two places today. They both had wonderful scenery and I really enjoyed them.

First, I visited a Chinese temple. It was so big that I had to set back to see the whole. Dragons and tigers on the sides were just too cool. I had lunch there as well. I ate a little expensive Chinese food. As I love Chinese dishes, I enjoyed it till the end.

After that, I went to a desert called Gobi Desert. I drove on the sand, which was a little difficult. It was a surprise to see one tree standing in the desert alone. I wonder how it's growing there.

Tomorrow, I'll be visiting an aquarium and a zoo. I can't wait to see the dolphins and pandas. I'll tell you about my trip in detail when I am back in two weeks' time!


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