Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Orient Express - a strange encounter (II)

Locomotive Class 363, Orient Express, Praha-Sm...
Locomotive Class 363, Orient Express, Praha-Smíchov train station, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dear Mom.

Hi! I’m heading for Venice. Today, I boarded at Orient Express from London and met two interesting people in the compartment.

First, I met a cute girl who wants to be a musician. She said she got to Europe all the way from New Zealand to major in piano. We had a conversation about music and promised we’d make a performance one day.

And then, I encountered a nice looking guy. He’s from Ivory Coast. He is a magician. Since it was the first time I met a magician, I got interested in his story. He told me he’s heading for Paris and trying to do a great magic trick. He’ll steal Eiffel Tower from Paris! It’s just between you and me…

Anyway, I’ll get to Venetia Santa Lucia Station tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see you.